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  1. “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napoleon Hill
  2. “You alone are responsible for what you do, don’t do, or how you respond to what’s done to you.” – Darren Hardy
  3. “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time with every person.” – Bob Proctor
  4. “Who we become is the result of our disciplined actions.” – Brendon Burchard
  5. “Goals help you channel your energy into action.” – Les Brown
  6. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas
  7. “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar
  8. Don’t set your goals too low. If you don’t need much, you won’t become much. – Jim Rohn
  9. “If you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.” – Brené Brown
  10. “Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life…do that.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


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