You need an online income!  It is now August 1, 2020 (date this blog was published)  VIDEO BELOW!

The Goal of this blog post is to give you a clear idea and actionable tips for building your online business.  If you’re totally NEW to online business, you are in the right place my friend.  Let’s get started.



1.) Select a business and industry you’re passionate about.  EX. (MLM, Affiliate marketing, E-commerce, etc.)

2.) Pick your niche. EX. (Health, Weight loss, Travel, Personal Development)

3.) Know your Target Market. Your target market is who’s most likely to buy your product.  Don’t know who your target market is?  Easy solution, Start marketing to yourself.  Why did you join what you joined? Why do you use your products?  You should get really specific for this.  Ex.  (Only men, Only women, Stay at home dads, College aged people) etc.

4.) Setup your FREE Social Media to Sell. Every one of your social media is a place to find new customers.

5.) Build an email list

6.) Build one main FREE traffic source. This could any social media or youtube or even a Blog. Pick one to master and don’t deviate.

7.) Leverage lead capture pages and marketing funnels.

8.) Grow your Residual income every day. Residual income comes from customers repurchasing your products on an ongoing basis. This is absolutely crucial for time freedom and greater leverage in your life!  (My recommendation for Growing steady Residual income)

9.) Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) provides the best true form of long term residual income.

10.) Make new connections every day by following, sending requests, and engaging online.

11.) Post valuable content to your target markets and a broader market every day.

12.) Start a YouTube channel to document and share your journey.  (ScreenCast-o-Matic has a FREE screen share service)

13.) Use Bitly link shortener to Share your affiliate links.   Click here for Bitly.

14.) Message and build relationships with all new followers. Or as many as you can.

15.) Your Goal should be a Daily Sale. One new customer per day minimum. You want daily and weekly cash flow as soon as possible so that way you can stay in business when things get tight.  And you will experience hard times!  Don’t quit. Work harder.

16.) Affiliate for a Lead Generation and Website Creation system.  This is one of the easiest ways to make money fast and build a long term residual income. Every one online needs leads and uses websites. So might as well offer that too. (FREE Lead System Forever)

17.) Cut costs and keep business expenses as low as humanly possible! Starting out, you only need the essentials. Don’t use 10 programs all at once when you’re not making a profit yet.

18.) Grow Daily. Use personal development, motivation for daily personal growth.  I highly recommend Audible.

19.) Take time off from screen usage. Every day Go in nature, meditate, pray, read, or talk to friends. Online business can become a GRIND. Make sure you look out for your mental and overall health and wellbeing.

20.) Switch between LapTop and Phone usage. You can easily use both to prospect and build your business. Switch it up to give your fingers and hands a break.

21.) Create positive work environment.  Have a work desk and comfortable chair in a separate room from everything else. Discipline yourself.

22.) Get Hustle buddies. Working online can be lonely.  Find anyone you resonate with and suggest to work together and stay in touch. Could be same business team like in affiliate/network marketing or any person also on the same journey.

23.) Take action every day. Action > Learning.

24.) Don’t do drugs. Be very conscious of how much alcohol or Cannabis you use. You want to be at your best and that requires your brain to be at its best.

25.) Cliche’ of course.  NEVER GIVE UP.  Seriously anyone can succeed with an online business. But it’s never the person who quits.







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Thanks for reading. Reach out on Twitter if you have any questions.


Coach Korey Niese


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