1. Listen to Jim Rohn every day
  2. Create content every day
  3. Message 25, 50, or 100 people a day
  4. Share your FREE lead system links and affiliate links

Jim Rohn Will Help You Achieve Personal Greatness

Listening to Jim’s Evergreen success philosophies will help you stay in the game and become a success whatever you do! Especially here in Power Lead System, his timeless wisdom is PERFECT.

Create Content Every Day

This could be tweets, facebook posts, and or youtube videos. Also consider writing quick, short blog posts sharing your affiliate links.

Reach out to NEW People and Message, Prospect Every day

This is the most important key to success.  Yesterday alone I got around 13 leads for my business. A lot were for FREE Lead System Forever. Ask questions. Ignore negative people. Develop and build the best version of yourself. PROSPECT DAILY.

Share Your Affiliate Links

Anywhere under youtube videos, blog posts, PS lines in emails, twitter messages, Facebook messenger, ETC.  Your main goal every day is to get as many targeted people to your links. The more quality traffic means the more quality leads.


You never know who’s going to run with our program. So keep that positive, optimistic, expectancy attitude! Because just one of your FREE lead system leads could turn into a $1500 Customer.

Keep Sorting Every Day. Keep Working on Yourself Every Day

Thanks for reading.

Coach Korey Niese


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