New to Twitter? Wanna make money using twitter?

You’re on the right website.  I’m going to lay out 4 fast steps to getting your very first lead and sale on Twitter. Here we go! There’s a video below as well. Be sure to watch this video.

Step 1: Create Account

Get it going fast. Profile picture with face. Decent banner. Use FREE version of Canva. If you’re not ready, better to get it going and make it look better later. Just get started.

Step 2: Use “FREE Lead System Forever” Resource

This is a 100% FREE resource for generating your very first twitter lead. It literally gives you a website ready to go, your own back-office login area, and automated emails.  You can grab your very own “FREE Lead System Forever” Resource right here.

Step 3: Put Your FREE Lead System in Your Profile

Plug your very own “FREE Lead System Forever” resource in your Twitter account and website section.

Step 4: Follow Targeted People, Tweet Daily, and Message Your Followers

Watch the video to hear it all broken down more in depth.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching.

-Coach Korey Niese

P.S.  Be sure to grab your own “FREE Lead System” Resource. This is truly a FREE resource, website, and email list builder. Lead Lightning is the $7 one time purchase advanced version.  See you over on Twitter.

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