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The very first thing I would do is take 2 minutes to be quiet and still. Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling unmotivated?” Listen. Notice what you hear. Chances are you’re feeling unmotivated and stuck because of your lack of results.  I once heard Tony Robbins say “Progress = Happiness”  You need results.  You need them NOW.

As soon as you make a sale you will feel re-motivated. As soon as you take action on some new strategy you will be unstuck. You gotta get in motion and don’t stop.

 “Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Start focusing on what you already know how to do. If that’s not working, I have some epic strategy I guarantee will work, laid out below. Enjoy.

Contact 1000’s About Your Home Business with Twitter

Twitter is by far the quickest social network on earth to grow your following and generate new leads and sales for your home based business.

Make an account now with Twitter if you haven’t already.  If you’re already there here’s what I recommend next. Begin to tweet motivational, personal development, and inspiring quotes. These kinds of quotes by leaders like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Grant Cardone, John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, etc…..will begin to attract the kinds of people to your page who are open to a home based business. OR they already are in a home business. Help with that below.

Next: Start Contacting as Many People as You Can

You can send direct messages to your all of your followers. Maybe something like this, “Hello thanks for following me. What brings you to Twitter?  “How’s business?”  Etc….

“To succeed in sales, simply talk to lots of people every day. And here’s what’s exciting—there are lots of people! —Jim Rohn”

You’ve probably heard if you contact 100 people you’ll make at least one sale. It’s true. Make it your goal to make as many contacts as humanly possible today. Ask questions. Always ask questions and never leave a reply without a question.

After you’ve followed and messaged people consistently you’ll start to accumulate of lot of direct messages. All direct messages are automatically saved on your Twitter. Create conversations and build conversations FIRST. Then later down the road, you can use an attention getting Pitch.  You can literally copy and paste your pitch to hundreds of people daily. Over time, you’ll contact thousands!

Twitter is Powerful: Get There Now!

  1. Post motivational quotes on Twitter
  2. Follow Targeted people from Top Accounts
  3. Message Followers
  4. Ask questions, make offers, and close sales

Rinse and repeat these steps and you will continue to get better and better and better.

 “All your ideas may be solid or even good… But you have to actually execute on them for them to matter.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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Enjoy some more Twitter Success tips for 2020.

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