2020 has been crazy! Very challenging to say the least

For me personally, my business has grown a lot. And I’m grateful as heck for that. It’s also been very hard because my beloved girlfriend got really sick from Covid-19 a few months ago. To the point she almost died!  Poor thing. It was terrifying.

I’m sharing this because you’re not alone. Almost everybody has gone through some hell this year. Whether it’s losing a family member, losing a job and reliable income, or simply going stir crazy from too many days inside alone.  YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

Rebecca Bardess is here to help.  Despite unbelievable odds and adversity with overcoming Covid-19, she has successfully launched her brand NEW “Indiepreneur Academy Membership. (IAM)  A membership designed to get your life back on track.  A membership that is talking about the current state of the world, and how you can thrive through these times.

Her resume speaks for itself.

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Talk soon,

Coach Korey Niese

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