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This past week I earned $178 in commissions. I’ve generated a TON of leads as well.

Right now I’m on two leaderboards for the start of a new week.

You Can do this too!

Here’s how I’m creating success with Power Lead System.

  1. I’m All in (meaning I own all the products)
  2. I create helpful content
  3. I share and advertise my links every single day

That’s it!  It’s really quite simple.  Own the products. Create content. Share your links.

Right now I’m getting all of my sales from YouTube and Webtalk to my knowledge.

Here’s what I do!

I make helpful SPECIFIC youtube videos consistently. I add NEW people to my Webtalk network consistently. I plug my links in my content. I message new followers and friends.  Some people never reply back.  Others become interested!  Of all the leads Some sign up as customers.

This has helped me hit leader boards.  You  can do this too.


Korey Niese

Talk soon, helpful resources listed below. Thanks so much for reading.

Power Lead System PROOF week in Review $178 Commissions and LeaderBoards

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