1. “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy
  2. “The Secret to Attracting Money” by Joe Vitale
  3. “The Power of POSITIVE THINKING” by Norman Vincent Peale
  4. “The Power of Purpose” by Les Brown
  5. “You Were Born Rich” Seminar by Bob Proctor

Download Audible here. You can download just about any book on digital version. Listen to a book any time.

There are so many more great books.  I made a Periscope this morning August 23, 2020.  Listen to it right here for many more great recommendations.

Books for changing your brain chemistry and overall mindset.

  • “Brain Lock” by Jeffrey M. Schwartz
  • “The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and The Power of Mental Force” by Jeffrey M. Schwartz
  • “The Genius in all of us” by David Shenk
  • Power of Your Subconscious Mind again. It was so good. Get this book.
  • “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz

Great authors to keep an eye out for….(no particular order)

  1. Brian Tracy
  2. Brendon Burchard
  3. Deepak Chopra
  4. Eckhart Tolle
  5. Les Brown
  6. Darren Hardy
  7. Jim Rohn
  8. Zig Ziglar
  9. Tony Robbins
  10. Bob Proctor
  11. Joe Vitale

And many, many more. Those are top of mind.

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Thanks for reading today.  Please comment below if you got value.

Coach Korey Niese

To your prosperity, healing, and abundance.

P.S.  Be sure to leave a comment below if you have had good experiences with any of the books listed above or have any other recommendations yourself.

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