2020 is the year for Twitter Success. Why?  Because don’t you deserve success yet? I think you do. You’re going to find this detailed blog post interesting and extremely helpful if you’re motivated to make money online using Twitter in 2020. This is being written and published Jan. 14, 2020. Quick disclaimer, results always vary. Just take this information in, do exactly what I say, and I’ll be stunned if you don’t get results. The kind of results you get will be affected by how well you can follow instructions, your skills in marketing and sales, your experience with your business or product, and your overall work ethic. So just be great! Because like Grant Cardone says, “Be great because nothing else pays.”  And…..

 “Spectators pay – players get paid.” – Grant Cardone 

Make Your Profile Public, Open Your DM’s, And Use First and Last Name

Now these might seem pretty common sense, however they’re not.  This blog post is aimed at beginners so I’m going to say some pretty basic stuff. If you’re advanced stick with me, because there’s more to learn.  But, nonetheless, let me explain.

You’re in business correct?  Then YOU WANT TO BE FOUND. You cannot do business with someone who does not find you. People WILL NOT find you and do business with you if your account is locked as private. On Twitter you can choose to make your account public (Most people do) or private.  Make sure your account does NOT have a lock by it. This is the equivalent of cold calling people, making a great opener and pitch, but you were on mute the whole time! LOL. Nothing happens if you can’t be found.

Next.  In your settings make sure you select to receive DM’s abbreviated for direct messages, to “Receive from anyone”  If you do any kind of content marketing and link back to your twitter account, this setting will allow prospects to message you even if neither of you follows each other.  Confused?  Don’t worry, I made a screen share video showing you how to change these settings. It’s at the bottom of this post.

USE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME. Pretty straight forward. Do brand accounts work? Yes. Can you get away with not using your first and last name, possibly….you might be able to make some sales, but I think you will make a lot more sales if you just use your first and last name.

Think about it from your prospect or customer’s perspective. Let’s say your customer wants to look you up to learn more about you before making a purchase. Usually they will type in your name in google, youtube, or facebook. You want this to be easy. They can’t do this simple search if they can’t quickly find your first and last name. They will move onto their fast moving timeline and buy from your competition. You lost the sale. The worst words to here in Home Business. Don’t let this happen by simply using your first and last name.

Use Updated Profile Pic of Your Face, Clear Precise Bio, Website Link

This section is pretty straightforward. Use a nice updated picture of YOUR face. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure it’s your face LOL and NOT your pet. Your bio should clearly identify the kind of person you want to follow you.  Your bio should speak to your perfect customer avatar or target market.  My bio, for example is “Empowering Millennial Men 4 A Better Tomorrow! Grow Your Business with Twitter | Taken @RebeccaBardess #Tweets4Success #MenWithPurpose”  Can you tell who I work with?  Make sure it’s clear and easy to read.

Your website link should go to a lead capture page, a blog, your youtube channel or any social site.  At the time of writing this I have a website lead capture page.  It goes straight to my primary offer at the moment and you can check that out here. Yes, by the way I’m going to pitch throughout this post services and opportunity I KNOW will benefit you.

Commissions and income earnings will result if you decide to purchase what I’m recommending through this blog post. Before I continue I want to mention some of my results from twitter. This is not to impress you, but to impress upon you what great results you can get if this information is applied consistently.

Over the years I have been able to work from home full time. I’ve generated thousands of leads, created hundreds of customers in multiple businesses, sold high ticket businesses and coaching services, helped clients grow by thousands of followers literally 10Xing their results, and coach countless students.  One of which you might know because he is legit twitter famous, his name is Luke Beller @luke_beller 

I’m telling you this in the hopes you follow this advice and apply my Twitter Strategy. It works. It’s worked for me and my clients, past and current.  And it WILL work for you too!

Follow Targeted People Daily, Tweet Daily, Message Daily

These 3 steps are your key to success on Twitter in 2020 and beyond.  In fact, they work just about everywhere else too.

The one thing that really sets twitter apart from all other social networks is the number of times you can post. With Twitter you can literally post up to 100+ times a day. Yes! You heard that right.  Do that anywhere else, your account will be closed down faster than you blink.

So take advantage.  Tweet as much as humanly possible within the right context.  I’m sure you have questions, feel free to ask me questions on my twitter account @CoachKorey3

Follow targeted people every day. This is the quickest sure fire way to grow your followers without having already been successful, without being a GURU, without being a masterful writer and copywriter.  Just start following the people active on twitter on your favorite gurus accounts. (Think Grant Cardone, GaryV)   The current follow limits as of writing this blog post are around 30-40 people a day. It can be more, if you break it into separate times throughout the day.  Twitter doesn’t want you to follow 100 people in 2 minutes.

Message all of your new followers. Build relationship with them.

Hope you enjoyed.

-Coach Korey Niese

Twitter @CoachKorey 3   Message me here if you have more questions.

P.S.  Use this marketing training system platform to sell on twitter if you don’t have anything yet!  It can and should also be used to help you generate leads and market anything else you want online PERIOD. It’s the BEST marketing system online.


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