Buffer, Hootsuite, Statusbrew, Social Sprout, Loomly, Later, or Social Bee?

There are even more content publishers out there, but these are the main ones that came to mind.

Here’s listed pricing for their lowest cost BASIC membership

  • Buffer $15/mon
  • Hootsuite $29
  • Statusbrew $12
  • Social Sprout $99
  • Loomly $25
  • Later $9
  • Social Bee $19

These are all monthly costs. Most of them, if not all have FREE trials as well.

My Tweets program costs.

  • 40tweets/ $17
  • 100tweets/ $27
  • 160tweets/ $37

What separates my program from the ones above are 3 basic advantages.

  1. I save you precious time from not having to learn NEW software and research the dozens of options out there.
  2. I save you precious time by scheduling your content for you.
  3. I retweet, like, and comment to boost your engagement and your page in the timeline. (This helps you get more followers)

More Details Below

Thanks for reading/watching.

Coach Korey Niese

P.S.  Click this hyperlink if you would like me to save you the hassle from scheduling your own content and give you back your precious time.

P.P.S.  Here’s what some clients have said about my content publishing service.

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